Research Idea #1

12 Sep

Interesting fact I found out today, all 170 students in the kindergarten I work for have parents living together. They do not allow single parents in school, because it’s going to be hard for both the child and the single parent to participate in school activities. Most moms in the kindergarten are stay-at-home mothers who have the time to follow the hectic school calendar. The single parents have to work so no luxury of time to skip work and be in school. The kindergarten also wants to avoid making the children feel left out with activities involving parents.

If parents are divorced, children are usually sent to a nursery school. These nurseries are really made for children with both parents working, or for children of single parents. There, no Father’s Day, Mother’s Day nor Grandparents’ Day to celebrate, which are big events in the kindergarten. No child gets left behind in case he/she does not have a mom or dad around. Parents need not take unnecessary absence from work too. Nursery schools do not have the usual spring, summer and winter breaks in most schools to accommodate parents who cannot take time off work other than the usual national holidays.

With all these things I found out today, got me wondering. First, I wonder what’s the case for children who have their grandparents with them to help support a single parents’ schedule. Will they be allowed or still declined entry since there is the absence of one parent?

Second, in this modern times were divorced is allowed in this country, I’m amazed that the entire school has parents living together. I wonder if some of them are just lying haha I really find it hard to believe.

Lastly, I wonder how children are differently shaped in their early years, given that some attend kindergarten while some attend a nursery school. Growing up in a setting where family involvement is too crucial, versus one that isn’t. Growing up in a setting where you’re used to an ideal family set-up, verses one that is more realistic because you know, sometimes both parents need to work and sometimes marriages really fall apart.

I know I’m overthinking these things. One can’t really know the difference unless one makes a longitudinal study about it, which will take decades.

Sometimes, I wish I have the brains for research. Maybe I can do the reading, interviewing, gathering and sorting data, analyzing thing, but the right focus for it, naaah haha.

Oh well, I just typed this one right here in case I pursue graduate studies and a need for a research topic is necessary. At least now, I already have one idea in mind. 🙂


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