Story of My Life, FML.

26 Dec

I woke up with a terrible headache, as if I’m hungover. From what? I didn’t drink my tears, or did I?

It’s the day after Christmas. Read somewhere that today, couples should brace themselves for break-up season. Partners who did not want to ruin Christmas and wanted to spare themselves of the pain will now have the courage to leave.

Well, I think they’ll still hold on ’til New Year.

I think people’s expectations suddenly differ when there are occasions, like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving or birthdays. Your desires become a notch higher than they used to be. You would somehow hope for that extra sweetness, that surprise gift or letter, and that doubled time spent with each other.

But you know what they say about expecting… so there, leading to greater frustrations and disappointments. It may be followed by hate speeches and arguments, then the throwing of the inevitable lines “Goodbye. I’m out of this.”

Story of my life.


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