25 Dec

It’s Christmas and the day is almost over. More than half of those who believe in this occasion are probably rejoicing, but I think quite a number are not in a festive mood. I would like to believe that I’m not the only lonely one.

Driving home tonight, I saw the moon’s Cheshire smile. Really, moon? You think it’s best to taunt me like that?

I wanted to drive fast ’til I hit something hard, or better yet to step on the gas to nowhere. But since I’m on the busy streets of Manila, my nowhere is limited to what’s a few inches in front of me. I wanted to just go on driving ’til I hit everything and everyone blocking my way.

I had to stop my thoughts though… not because thinking about killing one’s self is wrong, but because the more I think about me dying? Well, the more the Universe will think it’s best to annoy me and extend my life.

At 25, I am still struggling with handling my thoughts and emotions. Fact.


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