#dearGod, #dearUniverse

15 Jul

“#dearGod, #dearUniverse” are the common hashtags I use when I say my heart’s desires out loud on twitter. And like my recent private post , I put the same thing when I wished for me to be employed soon.

Realizing what just happened, I did a reflection on why I really put those hashtags.

I felt sorry for the times I asked Him for my heart’s desires, yet doubted. I also felt sorry for the times when I had faith it’ll be granted, yet not patient enough to keep calm about it. God and the Universe sure know how to make things fall into place, so those doubts, impatience and anxiety are unnecessary.


God, now that I’m in this new adventure, I hope I may be good in keeping Your plans together. May the things You allowed to fall into place not fall apart under my care. I am thankful for this passion for love and service. It somehow drives me and my loved ones crazy, but I am grateful for this kind of fuel. I pray for wisdom, discipline and good health to carry out all the tasks I need to do. I will not pretend, in reality, passion is not enough to live life. May this new work support me financially too, so I wont have to quit and ask for better opportunities. May You also lead me in the right path for further studies, so I know where my knowledge, skills and experience will be most useful. Let me be of service without thinking of ego. I am here for the children and for education because it’s the purpose I was called to serve, but it doesn’t mean in any way that I’m better than others. Help me to always remember that service is outwards, not inwards. More than what I can gain, it’s what I can give. I am more than willing to be Your instrument to help the children learn. Thank you for the opportunity. 



They say people’s faith is a thing incorporated in one’s life, just a part of a routine. Others say it’s just a coping mechanism. But when perfectly orchestrated things happen and make sense to you, God’s existence and the Law of Attraction of the Universe are not just lunatic ideas. Your faith is only doubled. Anxiety and impatience are useless to plans set your way by God.

Always remember, His plans are bigger, greater and grander than your heart’s desires. Just trust and sing, “nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” ; )


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