3am Thoughts on 2013

22 Dec

Now that the new year is about to come, people have been doing year-end reviews of their lives. Nowadays, that has been made easy by the social networking site, Facebook. As I went through mine, flashbacks from a year ago ’til a few months back came 😦 On how happy I was with the spare I got, how much (I think) I gave out, and how easy it was for others to put it all away and keep me out despite it all.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful I have someone special now. She came right before the year comes to an end. Someone who made me feel more than okay, as if I didn’t just come from battle. But… Love is such a wonderfully beautiful thing, and that makes it way too scary.

If that long distance and limited everything set-up made me fear heartaches that much, how much more this relationship that gives me so much love, happiness and peace within every single day that we’ve been together?

But then, I can’t let fear eat me whole.


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