Disney’s Frozen: From My Lens (Part 3)

4 Dec

SPOILER ALERT. But read along if you want to be convinced why Frozen is worth watching! 

Part 3 🙂

Disney’s Frozen:

From the Lens of a Lesbian Preschool Teacher

I loved Frozen not just because of the characters (Part 1), the awesome soundtrack and the activities (Part 2), but also because it deviated from the usual Disney princess movies.

It’s different and empowering.

Every movie has a villain, and similar to Shrek, the charming Prince Hans was the bad guy here. Being the thirteenth in line, he just decided that he will marry the second princess of Arendelle and will kill the Snow Queen to be king in the end. Like all other Disney happily-ever-afters, he did not succeed with his plan.


I liked the fact that it’s not the typical prince and princess, falling in love at first sight and then voila, wedding bells follow. The movie showed how a princess have been waiting for her prince charming for so long, but only got disappointed in the end. That’s reality, little girls. Prince charming is fiction. Love at first sight isn’t really “love” right away. I’m not saying it cannot be real love eventually, but the onset? That’s hormones. haha And please, marriage right away? That’s not crazy, that’s S-T-U-P-… Okay, I shall stop. A post on commitment should be separate. haha

anna ice

Like the typical princess movies, they mentioned that what can save Princess Anna from being frozen to death was “an act of true love.” Of course, they all thought that act was a kiss. WRONG. They thought it was Prince Hans. WRONGG. Then, of course, Kristoff was the next guy in line. WRONGGG.

I, myself, thought it was Kristoff too. But here’s my favorite twist of all…  instead of the hopeless romantic Princess Anna running to Kristoff for a kiss to save his life, what she did was run to save Princess Elsa from being killed by Prince Hans. See, kiddos, that right there is the act of true love.

Not a kiss, not a man.

anna elsa hug

True love, in the simplest term that I can think of now, is putting the needs of others before your own.  Not a kiss. Instead of running for that kiss to save her, Princess Anna risked her life to save her beloved sister. That’s true love.

True love has so many kinds, and can be expressed in so many ways, not just romantic. And true love knows no gender or label too.  That’s true love. Princess Anna did not run for a man. She ran towards her sister.

telescope kids

Dear boys, there’s no single road to true love and happiness. Not just through a kiss (and  more), and not just with a woman. I hope this Disney movie will change your views of other people, and perhaps of yourself too.

Dear girls, again, there’s no single road to true love and happiness. Not just through a kiss, and not just with a man. I hope this Disney movie will empower you, and change your view about yourself. You’re not made to wait for a prince charming. No to princess syndrome, please.

Dear adults, children will not be able to realize all these thoughts on their own. Let’s try to do our share in processing things with them. Thanks in advance! In case you already did, hurray! 🙂

Kthanksbye. :p


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