Disney’s Frozen: Artsy Smartsy (Part 2)

4 Dec

SPOILER ALERT. But read along if you want to be convinced why Frozen is worth watching! 

Part 2 🙂

Disney’s Frozen:

Art Activities

I love Frozen because of the awesome soundtrack, both lyrics and melody wise. If you’ve read Part 1, I think that’s a bit obvious since I’ve been mentioning the songs there. I downloaded the songs and have been playing it the whole day in class while they were doing the Olaf snowman and the Princess Elsa snowflakes activities. :p


 Olaf Snowman

Most children did Olaf the conventional way, but a few of them made it all too messed up and funny! :p

 Elsa the Snow Queen

 Princess Elsa’s Snowflakes

The pdf file of this has a template provided. I chose to do it on white paper so my children can freely design the snowflakes in whatever way they like. Just remind the children to be careful not to cut across the triangle.

Actual pictures to follow. :p

But it’s not only the songs and the artworks that I loved. Part 3.


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