“Me With You”

3 Dec

“Me with You” is a story by Kristy Dempsey and Christopher Denise about a grandparent and a grandchild, but applicable with a life partner too. :> Read along and hopefully, this story will make you feel warm and good like what I felt when reading it. 🙂

me with you

We’re a pair beyond compare
A rare and special two
In all the ways that I am me
And you’re completely you.

When I am me, I’m swinging
Over puddles from a rope
And you stand ready with a sponge
And bucket full of soap

I’m me when I am sick in bed
All feverish with flu
So you stay close to care for me
And watch the whole night through

I’m me on an adventure
Digging treasure from the sand
And when the path is rocky
You are there to hold my hand

Whenever I am not so nice
And selfish with my stuff
You’re the one who loves me
And forgives me if I’m gruff

If I decide to run away
Then you come running too
To talk to me into going back
Before the day is through

On days when being me feels like
The sky was painted black
You and I together roll
Along a brighter track

And though I’ll find new ways
Of being me my whole life through
My favorite me will always be
When I am me with you.

p.s. I hope to find a copy of this book in Book Sale haha #dearUniverse


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