She is Peter Pan

28 Nov

Dear Mandy,

I can’t help but feel giddy every time I see signs that you might be a lesbian.

I remember some butch friends of mine telling me they play rough and already had their first girl crush back in preschool. Could this be something similar?

There are some days you say you’re a girl. There are days when you claim you’re a boy.

Today, you told everyone you are Peter Pan.

peter pan girl

I wanted to extend the conversation. I wanted to share that I love Peter Pan too. I wanted to say that I believe in fairies and in pixie dusts, and that one day, I want to fly to that second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning.

I felt giddy, but now I’m sad.

I’m sad because we got stuck. We got stuck with the teasing and the laughing.

I know you often get teased. People around you insist you’re a girl, that you’re Wendy or Tinker Bell. They force you to join Winx Club, and not the Lost Boys. I can see that you cry a lot because of the teasing from classmates and the confusion within.

Your fondness for boyish things, your rough movements, and your friendliness towards one particular girl are parts of that self discovery. Sadly, the confusion and teasing too.

How I wish I can be of help with that self discovery. How I wish that even when you’re in your teens, I’m still around to help you with whatever. But as of now, for this school year, I can only do these… that I will be patient during days when you can’t handle the frustrations, and that I will teach these other children around you to not tease you about the way you think and feel about yourself.

Be strong, and always be yourself, kiddo! You’re wonderful!


Teacher Ayee

P.S. By the way, I have a favor. Please try not to hate your classmates. It’s not their fault that they were raised with in homes were blue are for boys and pink are for girls. Again, I’ll do my best to let them see that the world isn’t just blue and pink… that it’s a rainbow world for all of us.

rainbow world


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