The Fire Starter

18 Aug

A year ago today, the fire started.

It used to be her source of warmth, her guiding light out the tunnel, her defense and more.

Everything is ever-changing, they say.

Warmth turned to heat, guiding turned blinding, defense turned weakness, and from more to less… to none at all.

Fire’s still not out.

It’s black. There’s smoke and pain.

Lungs tightening, brain crashing, and heart breaking,

She catches her breath as she gathers the ashes left from that bonfire they once lit up together,

From night to dusk, picked them all up, down to the last speck.

Sealing it with a kiss, she whispered,

“Be safe, my love. I’ll keep you.. undiscovered, protected, with me, in me, always.”

But truth of the matter is, despite the big flame, the sun will consume that light from the fire.

After the dark, the sun will rise and shine, now turning the flame useless.



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